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Our Core Values

Our vision is a World, where people appreciate and inspire each other couragously.

Our mission is to manufacture products of high sensual quality, creating joy and increasing quality of life.

We strive to have full transparancy in all stages of the production as well as in our structure, communication and finances. We deliver sincere products, making it clear how they are created and what materials are being used.

We live while we work – and while we rest. That is why our company is run in a way so that it supports the life we want to live. With the right balance.


Our products are sincere, meaning it is clear what they are made of and how they are manufactured.

We aim to create a workplace, where staff and management feel qualified, appreciated and able to contribute – while having fun at the same time.

With open minds, we intend to remain curious and dynamic, and exchange ideas with our extended team of staff and partners, benefiting from ideas and competencies from each and everyone to create the highest quality possible.

We will meet our surroundings with the same respects as we wish to be met with.

We will take bold decisions and not compromise on values or core business.

We strive to continously increase sustainability in all areas:

- socially

- culturally

- finances

- resources

- environmentally





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