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We deliver the best possible service to our customers. Be it during the design phase, where all options are discussed and tested, before final decisions are made, or be it during the production phase, where customers are being updated regularly. We oversee the installment of the kitchen and ensure everything is perfect, before we leave.

A HANSEN kitchen needs maintenance, and it needs maintenance the correct way in order to preserve its beauty and full functionality. It is not at all complicated – if you know how.

We are happy to provide the maintenance service, but in fact it is just as easy to do it yourself. Here is some good advice.



How to maintain your kitchen

Daily maintenance is easy: put lukewarm water on cloth, wring it, and wipe the surfaces of the wood.

Once or twice per year it might be advisable to freshen the surfaces using some oil. Most kinds of furniture oils will do, but we recommend linseed oil, as it is clean and without additives.

Should the surface be damaged or show sign of wear and tear, then sand with fine paper, wipe off the dust and add oil. Use a brush, sponge or cloth. Dry sections might absorb more oil, but wipe off excess oil after 15-30 minutes to avoid spots. Rather apply oil twice than too much the first time. Finish by wiping the furniture with a dry cloth.

Remember always to keep cloths in closed containers as there is a risk of pyrophoricity.

Avoid splashing water on surfaces the first few days after applying oil, as the water might create white spots in the fresh oil.

Should your kitchen need a more thorough maintenance after several years of use, then you can request our carpenter to sand and treat it. It will be like getting a complete new kitchen!


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How to adjust the drawers

The drawers can be adjusted any which way using the small wheels, screws and tabs integrated in the drawer fittings.

The two small wheels in the orange fitting below the drawer will adjust the drawer sideways and ensure drawers to be aligned.

The two grey tabs at the edges are used to adjust the height. In this way you can adjust distance between the drawers.

On the fitting at the back of the drawer, you can adjust the way the drawers slope, ensure the fronts are parallel.

The small orange screw on the fitting behind the front of the drawer will adjust the depth, to ensure alignment of drawers and cabinet.

How to unmount the drawers

Right behind the lowest front of the drawer, you will find orange fittings on either side. These are the ones releasing the drawer. Grab the two fittings and pull gently towards either side, release the drawer and lift it off the runner.

Place the drawer so that it rests on the backside to avoid damaging the front or sides.

Pull out the runners and place the drawer on top, when you want to remount it. Push it until you feel it clicks into the fittings. Sometimes it will be necessary to push and pull with care a few times.

Avoid dust, crumbs and the like in the runners, as it might affect how they work. If you need to do work which will create a lot of dust, it is advisable to cover your kitchen furniture.