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Driven by sustainability

At HANSEN Kitchen we focus on sustainability in all aspects of the business.
The lifespan of our furniture is almost infinite, and a HANSEN Kitchen can be renovated, refurbished and adjusted to meet and match new demands and challenges.

During 2015 our production facilities will obtain FSC-certification, but already now all purchased wood is from sustainable forestry

When developing new products we always consider sustainability: Will the production harm the environment unnecessarily? Can it be produced in the vicinity? Which sales channel is the most sustainable?

We believe in proximity to our partners, it benefits the enviroment and makes cooperation easy. This is why our production is done by Danish workshops.

We believe that social and cultural responsibility can make a difference for both staff, customers and business partners, which is why we constantly seek business partners with similar sets of values.

Essential to us as a company with focus on sustainability is our social responsibility putting efforts into creating local jobs and good work conditions.

At HANSEN Kitchen we emphazise and prioritise good and sustainable work conditions at our suppliers as well as in our own offices. We take the life situation of each staff into account and secure that staff is encouraged and motivated to excel for the benefit of themselves, their network, the company and our products.

It is part of our belief and culture not to work constantly. And to live, while we work and while we do not work. The values driving us in our company are also the values we believe in after workhours, so you will often find us as members and volunteers in organisations concerned with culture, local foodproduction and ecology.






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